The two twitter chats I participated in were #edtechbridge and #teacherpowered. This was my first time joining a twitter chat, so I was a little confused at first. I kept thinking I had to join a chatroom because that is all I know from my AIM (aol instant messenger) days. Soon, I discovered all I had to do was click the hashtag and go to the ‘latest’ tab. For both chats I participated in, the pace of the conversation was fast and hard to keep up with. It was also difficult to keep up with questions or comments that were directed at my tweets. Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience because it was a great opportunity to hear about what educators are implementing in their classroom. The participants also tweeted many inspirational quotes that belong on bumper stickers! I’m definitely interested in joining more Twitter chats in the future. I’m wondering how I can be better informed of twitter chats that pertain to the topics I am interested in?


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