For my mediated writing project, I decided to write an informational how-to piece on creating intentional anchor charts. This was my first time using sway and probably won’t be the last!

Sway was relatively easy to use though it took some time to figure out how to add pictures and additional boxes. I had some difficulties at first when I chose the Portfolio design template. Portfolio puts more emphasis on the picture rather than the text which was not what I wanted for my project. After inputting half of my pictures and texts into Portfolio, I saw that my text did not fit very well. I decided to switch to the Blog design template instead. I struggled with replacing pictures the templates already had and ended up deleting their image box and creating a new image box where I could drag my own pictures. Overall I had a good experience using Sway and will be using it more in the future!


One thought on “Mediated Writing

  1. I think your project looks very nice! I like the arrangement of your images and text.

    How did you end up choosing between Slate and Sway for this project? Did you try Slate at all or did you start with Sway and stick with it?


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