When going through the coursework for this class, I have been constantly asking myself, “How does this apply to second grade?” It has been a struggle to implement concepts and integrate what we have been learning into my world of 7 and 8 year olds who have just begun learning how to type. As I reflect and ponder on “My Question” I am beginning to see how the many skills and habits necessary to be a participant in the digital world are practiced and developed long before students are exposed to Twitter or Facebook. As I was reading about collaboration and cooperation, the correlation between the activities we participate in BEDUC 476 and my classroom is apparent. Rheingold (2012) mentions regarding collaboration, “Collaborators develop and agree on common goals, share responsibility and work together to achieve those goals, and contribute resources to the effort.” 2nd grade book clubs require the same kind of collaboration where students come together and exchange information as they read through the same book. They share their ideas to build on one another and work together in creating a poster that gives a comprehensive summary of the book. 2nd graders cannot be direct participants in the digital world quite yet, but they have definitely begun developing the foundational skills needed to thrive in a social-digital environment.


2 thoughts on “How does this apply to second grade?

  1. yes. This class is much more about connecting you with other teachers of young children!

    And then next quarter, the focus is more on classroom strategies, if you’re interested in doing more in this digital work.

    If I haven’t already shared these primary grade resources you might find some great connections with other teachers — and other 2nd graders!


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