The mad influx of phone calls, text messages, and emails throughout a single day is often overwhelming but as seen through Justine Yu’s process of communication in Networked, it is clear that social organizing is now completely reliant on the interplay of mobile and online interactions. Similar to Justine, I hardly think twice about the process of coordinating and planning around a social event. The exchange of emails, texts, and phone calls have become so habitual that I don’t realize how my everyday life is heavily bound with technology. When analyzing my reliance on the internet to help with coordinating and making decisions, it is clear that my face-to-face interactions with others is completely dependent on mobile and online technologies that connect me to other people.

Challenge for 2017: Plan one event without using my phone or computer!


3 thoughts on “Bound to Technology

  1. Beautiful font, first of all. Secondly, do you think you could function without any of this connectivity? Now that we are so accustomed?


  2. I think your rule is pretty cool, challenging yourself and tell us how it goes. I have 2 suggestions that might help and might be useless. First one is to tell everyone ahead of time of your goal so that they are aware, second is to dont just start all of a sudden. Its easier if you slowly start planning events without your phone and computer rather then all at once.


  3. I hope you plan your event while you’re in this class because I’d love to see how it goes for you and what other sources of communication you use! Please share in a blog post if you do this before class ends 🙂


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