An advantage of being a networked creator is that it allows individuals a form of self-expression. Whether it be letting off steam or keeping track of thoughts, social media can become at outlet for all at any place and time. Networked creation also provides a rich learning experience for those who are seeking information. As participants acquire and share knowledge, an area of concern may be whether the information is accurate and factual. Collaboration is another advantage as individuals can work together and create new content by negotiating and exchanging information. Two heads are better than one as teamwork can lead to new forms of innovation. Social media also increases opportunities to connect with the community by shifting our mindset from “stranger danger” to “strangers –> friends”. Lastly, a networked creator can experience a sense of empowerment and an increase in confidence. It can provide a realization that what they say matters and other people are saying and thinking the same thing too!


2 thoughts on “Why should we become a networked creator?

  1. I always wonder about making friends on social media platforms, there is always that lingering thought in the back of my mind that wonders if this person is real… how do you think we should go about talking to kids about asking the right questions to strangers they are networking with to know if they are someone to trust or stay away from?


  2. This morning, I’m thinking a lot about voices that aren’t being heard about what’s important to them, and I’m thinking about how we have so much potential to create compelling messages about our lives, so many ways to speak up, to connect, to build empathy, to hear perspectives that we might not otherwise hear. I keep thinking about the differences between creating messages that are personal without revealing the private, and with connecting to people who might not know that others have similar experiences. I think that we need to be hearing many many voices, so your post reminds me of the potential of networked creation.


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