As we venture into this digital world, the responsibility teachers have to educate and prepare the next generation grows significantly. Educators must take part in training students on how to utilize new forms of literacy. We are responsible for teaching these skills at a basic level so students have a foundation for which to build their creativity upon. As mentioned in the connected learning video, if we don’t support students in this way but still assign digital literacy activities then we are basically telling a kid to write a letter and but not teaching them how to write it. An essential skill is the ability to determine whether the information or website they are looking at is credible. Teachers should guide students in using and developing techniques to determine what is real and accurate. Every individual is responsible for thinking skeptically, looking for the author, and seeing what others say about the author. As mentioned by Rheingold (2012), “Continue to pursue your investigation after you find an answer. Chase the story rather than just accepting the first evidence you encounter.”


2 thoughts on “We are responsible!

  1. it’s true that educators have been burdened with the most difficult burden, which is to teach the future generation what they need to be successful and asking to do a task that you didn’t teach is sort of foolish, But don’t you believe a little struggle will help the student grow? seeing what they will do before showing them will let them think and play around. is experience not the best teacher?

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  2. I totally agree with you. Its kinda sad that teachers are responsible for teaching the upcoming generation on how to successfully navigate the internet. i believe that people need to learn about how to do it by yourself, with guidance but i think the digital world is more of a self learned process. I believe that is put on the educator to talk about how to do it and the safety reasons that come with it. But its up to the students to learn from the experience.


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