As I am familiarizing myself with social media this quarter, my understanding of teaching and learning is shifting. My past self viewed apps and programs as distractions from the real world. My intense dislike for texting and communicating with others through text brought me to deleting Facebook and Snapchat. Even so, my exploration of participatory culture is causing me to see the value of using digital resources in the classroom and how they can give my students a valuable and engaging learning experience.

The motivating factor in integrating digital culture in my classroom is to make learning fun! The world my 2nd graders live in now is filled with Ipads and smart phones. We have learned to use what we know about their world to connect and engage them in content-area learning. Although the idea of 2nd graders getting too much screen time is a concern, I do believe much learning can happen in moderation. My first step in integrating my students into this participatory culture is signing them up for a typing class in the computer lab. The ability to type is the foundation for how they can communication and connect with others through in the digital world!


One thought on “Make learning fun

  1. It is a shifting world. You might also enjoy reading some of the blog posts/ follow on Twitter the work from the JoanGanzCooneyCenter .

    They’ve pushed my thinking to wonder less about “screen time” to making good decisions about what children are actually doing on screens. There are so many bad apps and also so many really great opportunities for creativity and learning. The Cooney Center is doing good research here and I learn a lot from them.


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