Jenkins (2006) emphasizes the responsibility of educators in ensuring that every American young person has been provided access to the skills and experiences needed to be a participant into this new technology culture. In order to do so, funding is necessary in providing these students will the necessary tools to practice these skills. Without access to computers at school and home, how can there be an equitable distribution of skills to all students? In addition to funding, educators also need curriculum and support in this new age. When implementing a new curriculum for core subjects, teachers are required to go through trainings and professional development. Teachers should also be provided with resources that supports educators in integrating technology into the classroom.


2 thoughts on “Resources needed!

  1. I agree 100%. Part of my interest in these ideas about networking is how many teachers have been so generous in supporting other teachers. Someone in class last night mentioned Kathy Cassidy, a 1st grade teacher in Canada. She does amazingly generous work to explain how she has her students using tech not for tech itself but in the service of broader learning goals. She hasn’t been blogging or tweeting s much lately, but you can still find her out there and her book is really good. She’s just one. I have been bookmarking a list of primary teachers sharing what they’re doing and offering other teachers support if you’re interested.


  2. My fear is that the awareness of the need for improving tech education will only arise once the need is too much… accordingly, that’s why I think looking at the initiatives and focuses of each district are very telling. Most of the school districts in our area seem to have some form of tech focus thanks to the companies (and population) nearby, but consider states like Nebraska, Michigan, Utah: since there are no huge tech hubs nearby, what kind of tech education will they get? Perhaps one that lags behind even more than other states, thus reinforcing the views on technology in local areas.


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