My name is Melissa and I am a 2nd grade teacher. I work to to create an environment of love and respect for my students. I strive to implement engaging lessons and activities that will foster a love for learning. I believe in modeling positive behavior and giving students the opportunities to practice skills they will need outside the classroom. I love what I do and look forward to new experiences every day!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time outside in the city I know and love. Growing up in Seattle has developed interests in being active regardless of weather. I enjoy playing sports casually and running in Seattle’s well-known drizzle. When inside, I can spend my days playing games with friends. Whether it be video games or board games, I can never get enough :).

Lastly, what truly defines me is my belief in Jesus Christ and what He has done for me. His love drives the way I live and establishes my purpose in life.


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