Weekly Play!

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Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

Rise up this morning,
Smiled with the rising sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singing sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Saying, this is my message to you!



Too much screen time?

“Contrary to concerns that the internet would reduce other forms of contact, the evidence shows the opposite: the more internet contact, the more in-person and phone contact. These are not either/or relationships: People use the internet and mobile phones to keep in touch, to arrange get-togethers, and to follow up after they meet. Despite fears that the internet would curb relationships by luring people to the screen and away from in-person contact, the number of important relationships may even have grown.”

Rainie, Lee, and Wellman, Barry. Networked : The New Social Operating System. Cambridge, US: MIT Press, 2012. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 30 January 2017.
Copyright © 2012. MIT Press. All rights reserved.

I’m curious about the evidence mentioned here regarding how the internet increases in-person and phone contact. My observations through my 4 years of teaching have developed some concerns of how the internet and mobile devices have reduced other forms of contact for kids. As I listen to my students share about what they did over the weekend, I’m hearing more stories about playing Minecraft or new games on their Ipads rather than play dates with friends. The lure of the screen is strong for a 7 or 8 year old and I wonder how these devices can play a part in developing the relationships of a 2nd grader?

Make learning fun

As I am familiarizing myself with social media this quarter, my understanding of teaching and learning is shifting. My past self viewed apps and programs as distractions from the real world. My intense dislike for texting and communicating with others through text brought me to deleting Facebook and Snapchat. Even so, my exploration of participatory culture is causing me to see the value of using digital resources in the classroom and how they can give my students a valuable and engaging learning experience.

The motivating factor in integrating digital culture in my classroom is to make learning fun! The world my 2nd graders live in now is filled with Ipads and smart phones. We have learned to use what we know about their world to connect and engage them in content-area learning. Although the idea of 2nd graders getting too much screen time is a concern, I do believe much learning can happen in moderation. My first step in integrating my students into this participatory culture is signing them up for a typing class in the computer lab. The ability to type is the foundation for how they can communication and connect with others through in the digital world!

Resources needed!

Jenkins (2006) emphasizes the responsibility of educators in ensuring that every American young person has been provided access to the skills and experiences needed to be a participant into this new technology culture. In order to do so, funding is necessary in providing these students will the necessary tools to practice these skills. Without access to computers at school and home, how can there be an equitable distribution of skills to all students? In addition to funding, educators also need curriculum and support in this new age. When implementing a new curriculum for core subjects, teachers are required to go through trainings and professional development. Teachers should also be provided with resources that supports educators in integrating technology into the classroom.

Can technology boost student confidence?

When it comes to learning and succeeding, doubt may be one of the most influential factors in preventing students from achieving what they have the potential to achieve. Student achievement stems from hard work and confidence in themselves and their abilities. Building student confidence is vital inside and outside the classroom, ensuring that students are motived and happy as they learn and grow. With that said, it is extremely difficult to instill confidence in a student who is unsure of themselves. A high-pressure environment and what students do not know naturally becomes a crippling factor in their growth.

I wonder if technology can be used to reassure students as it has become a tool and outlet most are comfortable with. Can technology be used to build and boost confidence? Can the abundance of edtech resources on the web be used to create a learning environment where students feel supported and confident in their learning abilities? I hope to explore this question throughout the quarter and gain knowledge of how I can better create a classroom environment that fosters confidence and a love for learning.



My name is Melissa and I am a 2nd grade teacher. I work to to create an environment of love and respect for my students. I strive to implement engaging lessons and activities that will foster a love for learning. I believe in modeling positive behavior and giving students the opportunities to practice skills they will need outside the classroom. I love what I do and look forward to new experiences every day!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time outside in the city I know and love. Growing up in Seattle has developed interests in being active regardless of weather. I enjoy playing sports casually and running in Seattle’s well-known drizzle. When inside, I can spend my days playing games with friends. Whether it be video games or board games, I can never get enough :).

Lastly, what truly defines me is my belief in Jesus Christ and what He has done for me. His love drives the way I live and establishes my purpose in life.